1. Atonement for sins 26. Titles and names of Holy Spirit
2. Commandments of God 27. Tradition and modernization in worship
3. Ministry of Holy Spirit 28. Tradition-followers vs Christ-followers
4. Power of Holy Spirit 29. Trial and suffering He endured
5. Pray in tongue 30. True fellowship with God
6. Prophet who dare to speak the truth 31. Twelve disciples of Jesus Christ
7. Revival & Regeneration 32. We must be dedicated
8. Sacrifice 33. What did Jesus mean when He said..........
9. Satan-Evil Spirit-Half Truth-Half Lie 34. Why did Jesus pray?
10. Saul and Spirit 35. Why do some tolerate wrong teaching?
11. Saul paid the price for his disobedience 36. Your most precious offering to God
12. Secret sins punished 37. Water baptism is a testimony
13. Serving others is serving God 38. We must be courageous
14. Sower and the seeds 39. Disciple of Christ must be humble
15. Speak in tongue 40. Disciple of Christ must be a person of scripture
16. The charge from Paul to Timothy 41. Disciple of Christ must be a person of prayer
17. The doctrine of Trinity 42. Disciple of Christ must be a person of Love
18. The faith that saves 43. Disciple of Christ can not serve two masters
19. The first CPR in the history 44. Disciples of Christ are called.
20. The Holy Spirit withdrawn 45. Baptism of Holy Spirit
21. Last words of David to Solomon 46. Are you kidding or serious
22. Meaning of Salvation in OT 47. A place for God
23. Season of Lent 48. Demons are real
24. The truth of God 49. Deceptive signs and wonders
25. Three choices 50. Coward Prophet
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